About Us


Zavoli entered the cosmetic sector in Turkish market in 2009 with its odorless garlic shampoo preventing hair loss. As a result of strong consumer satisfaction and loyalty, it grew the business in very short period of time. Zavoli following its success in the Turkish market started to serve its products abroad rapidly.

The company while developing its products follow three basic rules; selective innovativeness, making no concessions from quality and cooperating with the scientists and experts from cosmetic sector. Zavoli, with such vision and worldwide reputation received invitations from many cosmetics exhibitions around the World as a Turkish brand product. In addition to that it gave its support and participated in cosmetics exhibitions held in Turkey. As the opinios of our custormers are very important for us, we provide required laboratory tests for all our products.

In 2012 the efficiency tests were made by the dermatologists of SKINLAB laboratories, a European company operating in accordance with the European standards. It has been reported that Zavoli shampoos strengthens the hair, reduce irritation in the scalp, increase the vol├╝me by thickening the hair strand and prevented hair loss to a substantial extent.

Our vision

Provide natural benefits to our customers.
Enhance our product portfolio in line with customer demand.
To find solutions to the needs of our customers.
Enhance the price and quality by giving priority to R&D activities.

Our mision

Keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront.
Build longlasting and strong relationships with our clients.
Have our products to meet with people all over the world and make it a part of their lives.
Became the innovative lider in cosmetic sector.